Famiglia Baldassarre

Custom T-Shrit Design

So, you're sitting there one day, quietly going about your job, when you get a call from a guy who owns a SUPER popular pasta shop that you don't go to as often as you'd like because the lineups are daunting. He tells you he wants a t-shirt designed, which is great because I very much like doing t-shirts, but then came the best part: he started talking about space ships re-entering the atmosphere, chrome, flames, Judas Priest and 80s heavy metal, concert tees, chrome, The Terminator, Pink Floyd, Boris Vallejo, chrome, etc. The only actual reference to pasta that he wanted, was a brass pasta cutter wheel (which is OBVIOUSLY what it's actually called).

After I came down off the ceiling, I got right to work. I don't often get straight illustration jobs, especially ones that check all of the boxes, and definitely not from a super cool pasta shop owner (I super love pasta, by the way...). Needless to say, I was very excited. I basically swept everything else off my desk, and got right to it.

The end result was straight up amazing, and I had a serious blast putting it together. The shirt itself was a hit with everyone and spotting it "in the wild," so to speak, has become a bit of a game for us. It was an out-of-the-blue job and I just loved working on it. It's always great to flex some muscle you haven't flexed in a while, and to do something totally different. Also, go to Famiglia Baldassarre. Seriously. It's really friggin' good!


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