St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA

Marketing Collateral

"Old Town" is the historic centre of the city of Toronto. It's where the city – and to an extent, the country – essentially started. For years, little to no attention was paid to this fact, and this part of the city really languished. Ovre the last decade, a lot of effort and development has been taking place with new parks and public spaces, public events, and revitalization of historic buildings. As a result, new life has been breathed into this part of town which has once again become bustling with people and businesses.

One of these many projects was to design wraps for all of the electrcial and utility poles in the area that both announced you were in Old Town, as well as indicated important buildings or sites of the area. The challenge was to come up with something that was modern and clean, but still fit with the area. In addition, we had to work closely with the company producing the wraps to measure and build wraps for each individual post. Strong communication was key, but the final product turned out very nicely.


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