Vista Textiles

Product Catalog

This is a product catalog for a textile company that specializes in flat goods like napery, towels and cloths, etc. What makes this particular book interesting to me is the fact that I got to be involved from the cradle to the grave, so to speak. We worked with a great photographer, a set designer, a makeup artist, stylist, and a project manager, as well as the various people involved with transportation, logistics, etc. It's amazing to see how many people are standing behind the camera when every shot is taken.

We were aiming for something very, very clean – almost corporate – for this particular piece. There was going to be a lot of product on the images, so I didn't want the book to feel heavy. The stylist we picked also specializes in weddings as we wanted really luxe table settings to really show off the tablecloths and other napery.

We didn't have a tonne of time to turn it around, but It really came together. This piece was a great example of a lot of people working really well together to execute a great plan.


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