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Strategic Plan and Budget

I've always loved "long document design." I feel like it really gives you a chance to drill down into all of the little details, and to create all of the visual systems and rules, that make a given project feel really tight and cohesive. I often find myself just scrolling around within the file and really appreciating all of the little details I was able to come up with. I know... it's super nerdy, but I'm ok with it.

We originally built this piece way, WAY back in 2006. After over a decade of using the same grid and layout, I was finally able to talk the stakeholders into refreshing the look with a complete redesign. I'm really glad I was able to convince them, because this one came out very, very clean and effective. Though the subject matter for this particular piece can seem really dry and heavy to some, the clean, airy feel of the layout makes it all far more "digestible" than it might seem.

One of the other, less obvious, benefits of projects like this is that it gives me the opportunity to read some insight from experts on the subject of real estate, which I happen to also be interested in. Though some of the information is simply updated, a good chunk of it changes completely as every year brings new and interesting challenges to any envoronment. It's also really interesting to see how things like global politics, the economy (both national and globel), the weather, etc. can all affect so many things.


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